Volunteer Day!

We are holding a Volunteer Day on 1 November. We want to thank (profusely) our volunteers and ask them how we can make their experience with Neighbor to Neighbor even better. They work mostly in the background, connecting with care recipients and helping out in many different ways. I know them via email more than anything. I put out “help! ride needed” emails, and they respond. I am always so grateful when I can find a ride for one of the people we help. It’s a relief. 

I would like to have faces to go with email addresses or phone numbers and to get to know the beating heart of this organization. I know there is a lot of wisdom and better ways of doing things to be shared, and I want to know about it all! Is there something I could be doing here in the office to make their lives easier? Do they like communicating primarily by email, or would they prefer phone calls? I find email to be much less invasive, but that’s just me. I want to honor the ways in which they prefer to be contacted. 

I want to hear their stories about interacting with our care recipients. Some of the connections made and friendships forged are quite profound and deep. I love to hear about the mutual love and affection shared between volunteers and their care recipients. I would like to put more stories on the website about such connections. I believe they will resonate with anyone who reads them. 

If you are a volunteer and can make it to our Volunteer Day on November 1st from 11:00-1:00, please let me know. Very few people who have RSVPed, and if we don’t have a critical mass, we will cancel it. Martha is going to a lot of trouble to have amazing, delicious food prepared, and I don’t want her slaving in the kitchen for nothing! 

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