The Work We Do

If you have a few hours a week or a few hours a month, you can become one of N2N’s crack volunteer team.  We help seniors with all sorts of things, including

social outings
home visits
grocery shopping / errands

Our volunteers work with care recipients in different ways. Some volunteers’ names appear on a list of drivers, and when a care recipient needs to get to an appointment or needs to run errands, we put the word out and find rides. Other volunteers get matched with a particular care recipient. They develop a relationship and decide together how they want to interact. Often, their relationship develops and becomes deep and long-lasting. As a volunteer, you will have great flexibility in regard to how much or how little you wish to participate. Neighbor to Neighbor is a completely volunteer-run organization; our volunteers are beloved and absolutely vital to the work we do. 

Call Suzie at (802)367-7787 to find out how you can volunteer or use the Contact Us form .