Our Care Recipients’ Words

Our care recipients have a lot to say about how N2N volunteers help them remain independent. Here are a few of their voices:

“​There are pockets of us who are feeling so alone and without anyone, tucked all over the mountains of Vermont. Neighbor to Neighbor is going around un-tucking us one by one. Now I have someone….Now I have someone.”

  • Our volunteer invited us for Thanksgiving dinner. What a lovely time we had. 
  • My volunteer and I go to knitting class together. 
  • I love the social events. I am alone in my apartment all day.
  • My volunteer and I play Scrabble and visit the shut-ins at Equinox Terrace. 
  • My volunteer is wonderful. I will see that the proper number of points are registered in heaven!
  • Until Neighbor to Neighbor came along, I never got to go out. I look forward to the social events, too. 
  • If I didn’t have Neighbor to Neighbor, I would simply be lost. 
  • I really look forward to my volunteer visits…It’s the highlight of my week.
  • My volunteer did my grocery shopping and returned with daffodils. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing. 
  • I can’t begin to tell you what a difference Neighbor to Neighbor has made in my life.
  • Because of your volunteers, I didn’t have to spend Christmas alone. 
  • I was timid about attending the social events, but oh….I have the most wonderful time. 
  • A youth group came and cleaned out my basement after it flooded. 
  • I really think this is the end of my bad days.