Who We Are

In addition to our wonderful group of volunteers, Neighbor to Neighbor has a dedicated steering committee & a Program Director.
Steering Committee
  • Phyllis Gottdiener
  • Rehana Grip
  • Elizabeth Karet, co-chair
  • Micki Lisman
  • Kathy Malley, co-Chair
  • Dee Myrvang, treasurer
  • Michele Pagan
  • Connie Stewart
  • Martha Thompson, secretary

The Steering Committee is the heart of our organization. Committee members volunteer their time and energy to keep Neighbor to Neighbor a successful nonprofit organization operating in Southern Vermont. Their expertise and enthusiasm are what make N2N work, and we rely on them to keep tabs on every aspect of our organization.

Program Director

  • Robin Galguera

The Program Director is the person who runs N2N day-to-day. She is the person care recipients talk with when they phone the office. She answers emails and picks up the mail. She creates and distributes flyers for our events and makes them happen. She works with members of the steering committee to produce newsletters, write grants, and put together fundraising efforts. She coordinates volunteers and makes matches between them and our care recipients.


Kate Coss, former N2N  Program Director, and Robin Galguera, current Director

Martha Thompson,  N2N Steering Committee member, and Kate in the kitchen!