Our Volunteers’ Words

  • Helping N2N is a most fulfilling experience for me. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many friends and be able to see firsthand the help this wonderful program provides. Volunteering makes us all grow and become better neighbors. 
  • Too often, people think of themselves as “just a volunteer.” I was visiting a friend who invited me to one of your events. I was amazed by our program and all that you do. The people around the table told wonderful, touching stories. Wow!
  • People tend to label others; to put them in a box and not recognize that seniors can be many things and do many things. So, I did something outside the box (posed for the N2N calendar) so that volunteers and those we serve can be seen in a new light–as people with the potential to accomplish many things. People need to recognize the spirit of adventure in each of us. 
  • Being a N2N volunteer has opened new doors for me, introducing me to people I would probably not have the opportunity to meet otherwise, as they spend most of their time indoors, alone. I so enjoy making their acquaintance and spending quality time with them. It is not just helping them one time; it is the regular visits that bring us close together in a lasting friendship, as we share early childhood experiences, work experiences, and our outlook on the world in which we find ourselves today.