A Time of Change.

Last night’s crazy windstorm blew down the rest of the leaves, and as I drove to work this morning, darting around small fallen branches and through “hojarascas” (“leaf storms” in Spanish), I realized we are in the transition place between the bounty of summer and fall and the quiet world of winter.

My ideal winter day goes something like this: I sit in my toasty house with my dog, Red. We make a fire and settle down on the couch to nap and read and write (actually, Red can’t do either of those things, but he makes a champion feet-warmer). I may be alone, but I don’t feel lonely…and not just because I have a dog. I know I have friends in town and an office to go to on Monday morning. I have connections to the community.

For many of our care recipients, they are alone in their homes and lonely. The ties they have are broken because they can no longer drive or walk to town to buy groceries or chat with a merchant. Their companion may be a TV or a radio rather than a loved one or family member. This is where Neighbor to Neighbor comes in.

We are a tiny, local nonprofit. We are not affiliated with any government organzation or private agency. We are responsible for finding our own sources of funding via grant writing, fundraising events, corporate donations, and, primarily, through individual donations. Please consider making a gift to Neighbor to Neighbor. Your gift allows us to further our mission of helping Northshire elder neighbors. If you have time to give, please contact the office and find out how you can become a valued member of the Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer crew.

We need you, and we thank you.

Blessings, Robin

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