The Great Pie Debate.

It’s not really a debate. It’s more of a “can we really do this again” kind of discussion. We’re a tiny crew here, and to pull off an event like the pie auction is a massive amount of work. As you might guess, there are many, many layers and details involved in making it happen. We rely on volunteers, both inside and outside of our Neighbor to Neighbor family to put in the hard work and time commitment needed. Are you an events maven? Is it your life’s mission to help a wonderful nonprofit in rural Southern Vermont create a memorable and–let’s point out the elephant in the room–money-making event? Do you love a good spreadsheet and a clipboard? If so, WE WANT YOU.

Seriously. I know that people really enjoyed our event last year. People are still coming up to me in the grocery store and bookstore with a smile and a “I can’t wait until the next pie auction!” look in their eyes. We are trying to decide what the plan is and if we can do it again and remain sane. We need to make a decision soon because the work starts in March for our event in October.

If you can commit to helping us in October, please leave a comment here or use the Contact Us tab. We love our community. We love our care recipients. That is where our true work lies…but we also LOVE PIE. Check back to see what we decide, and as always, thank you for supporting Neighbor to Neighbor.    rg