The New Normal?

No pie auction for us this year. It’s anyone’s guess what life will be like come October, and it’s not a smart idea to go ahead with the months of planning required to pull off our major fundraising event.

A good part of our annual budget comes from that event. We are asking people to support Neighbor to Neighbor by making a donation to our COVID-19 emergency fund. Although we’re not providing rides at this time–in order to protect both our volunteers and our care recipients–we are checking in regularly with our care recipients. We have volunteers who are doing grocery shopping for elder neighbors and other volunteers who are making phone calls just to make sure they’re OK and that they’re not feeling completely forgotten.

I’ve written before about the negative results from social isolation, especially the elderly. VPR reported this morning that we will be socially-isolating through the summer, and for our care recipients, that is a very long time. If you can make a donation–in any amount–we would so appreciate it. I’m still here answering the phone and email (and completely socially-isolating, don’t worry!), and as you might guess, our expenses involved with keeping the office running have not dropped away. We still have to pay to keep the lights on.

We are committed to helping our elder neighbors during this crisis, and we thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to give.

Be well.


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