‘Tis the Season

Normally at this time of year, we would be in full swing with all thing PIE. We’d be running around in the pre-auction flurry, keeping track of the many layers that makes our major fundraising event happen. Instead, it is pretty darn quiet around the office right now. I receive an occasional phone call from a care recipient who needs so help with yard work or grocery shopping, but most I am here finalizing the capacity building project the Steering Committee and I took on in January to make sure that everything–from our mission statement to finances and fundraising capabilities–continue to be relevant to the work Neighbor to Neighbor is doing. I am happy to report that (as expected) we stand in good stead and that the organization we all love will be around for at least the next 15 years. Thank you for your continued support. We do all we can to make certain our care recipients know we are only a phone call away. Volunteers are writing notes and calling to check in, and both groups seem to be happy making those connections.

With Gratitude and wishes for continued health and well-being, Robin

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