New Year, New Hope.

No one can say that life is boring right now! So much has happened since we crossed over into 2021. For our care recipients, the vast majority of whom are over age 75, one of the new sources of anxiety is about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Folks over 75 are now eligible to get the vaccine, but the big question is HOW?

The country is experiencing communications problems with accurate information about the virus and now how to get the promising vaccines that have been developed in record time. As you can imagine, for elderly people, it’s even more confusing, and for housebound folks, even more so.

We are trying to keep up to date on the latest information coming from the state, and I will make an effort to keep updating our home page with information that I can verify as accurate.

It’s wonderful to see the light at the end of a (currently) very, very long tunnel. Hang in there, Friends.

Peace, Robin

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